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Alex Vorobev

Mixing cultures from East and West.

Ali Al Sayed

"One of the most influential comedians in the world" – Toastmasters Magazine US

From Khaled Egazy (musician)

Great for meet and greet! 6 drummers minimum in this performance

Hani Jahel

A traditional Arabic singer & oud player who has performed on TV and with several famous Syrian groups.

Hani Jahel

Classical oriental band consisting of traditional Arabic musicians and/or with singer. Perfect for any venue with typical Arabic ambiance.


A traditional celebratory dance from the UAE.

Julien Breton

The Art of producing Calligraphy using long exposures with lights which replace the traditional tools of paper Calligraphy.

Khaleelullah Chemnad

One of the few in the world who has specialized in anatomic calligraphy.

Khalil Ghadri

Traditional Arabic Hospitality with coffee and dates

Mirash Azeez

Saidi Dancers with Sticks / Cane

Nina Oud

Oud/Vocalist, Piano/Vocalist, Tabla, Guitar, Violin, Flute and Cello.