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360 degree holographic dance performance in a constructive cube with 4D hologram. It's a magical show with the newest innovations and stunning choreography!

Adam Geddes

Adam KadabraAdam got his first taste of street performing in Glasgow, which he’s taken with him around the world. His talent has been heard from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Bahrain formula One, Dubai Street Festival, Muscat Festival, Devizes Carnival, Henley Festival and more.Adam is not your everyday acoustic player, using a technique called “Lap Tapping”; he rest the guitar on his lap and powerfully taps the frets and strings to create a captivating cacophony. Learning this style came to him after a small accident which fractured one of Adam’s fingers made it difficult to play the guitar as normal. Learning this new style took the street out of the weaker finger but also developed his preference to play this way.


Speed painter puts on a jaw-dropping live performance incorporating music, paint and live triggered visuals all created to your brief!

Alessandro Bassani

300 Helium balloons lift this acrobat in air for beautiful and colourful performance

Ali El Mimoune




Alice Basset

Drones Dance Show with or without live performer (18 drones) or fully customized drone shows for your event

Alvaro Fernández


Andrei Golenev

Superman Show - is primarily a team of professionals and talented people. We stand for more than 5 years, the list of countries visited by our team with the show: Thailand, Cyprus, Turkey, France, Bali, Greece, UAE, China, Maldives, Vietnam, OAE.

Andrey Tkachenko


Atai Omurzakov

Led by one the most famous dancers in the world, this group have received numerous awards, as well as over 50 million YouTube views.

Attila Szekely

Book "James Bond" for your next event