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Adam Geddes

Instrumental acoustic guitar playing in a unique style like a piano.



Alice Basset

Drones Dance Show with or without live performer (18 drones) or fully customized drone shows for your event

Alvaro Fernández


Andrei Golenev

Superman Show - is primarily a team of professionals and talented people. We stand for more than 5 years, the list of countries visited by our team with the show: Thailand, Cyprus, Turkey, France, Bali, Greece, UAE, China, Maldives, Vietnam, OAE.

Atai Omurzakov

Led by one the most famous dancers in the world, this group have received numerous awards, as well as over 50 million YouTube views.

Attila Szekely

Book "James Bond" for your next event

Billy Wingrove

A dynamic duo mixing football freestyle, breakdance whilst dressed in suits, "Men in Black" style. Highly recommended!!!

Billy Wingrove

Two of the world's most popular and sought after football freestylers. They can make an impression with their stage acts or in amongst the crowd.

Cathy Deniset

Immersive virtual reality live painting using VR headset and screen.

Cathy Deniset

French Speed Painter based in Dubai.