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A classic act with customizable color combinations for private and corporate events.

Abiy Feleke

This a superb international act who have been seen all around Europe Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, New Caledonia but not yet the UAE.

Alessandro Bassani

300 Helium balloons lift this acrobat in air for beautiful and colourful performance

Andrey Tkachenko


Billy Wingrove

A dynamic duo mixing football freestyle, breakdance whilst dressed in suits, "Men in Black" style. Highly recommended!!!

Claudia Mesyasz

Experience Contortionist who can also perform different type of aerial shows.

Conor Neall

This is one of Europe's leading Chinese Pole artists. He is a versatile and skilled performer who blends Chinese Pole, acrobatics and dance into a unique, unforgettable style.

DECS Cheerleading

We provide cheerleading performances for events and functions, from 5 to 9 cheerleaders

Jason Auld

This is a leading group of unicyclists, capable of performing tricks and stunts like you wouldn't believe. Suitable for events of all sorts and all ages!

Keelan Philips / Nathan Morris

BMX Flatland is a unique and stylish form of BMX riding, it doesn’t require any equipment, just a flat area such as a stage which is why it suits so well.

Laura Stullich

An impressive performance, both aesthetically impressive and visually pleasing.

Liu Xin

A highly skilled contortionist, originally from China and now based in Europe.

Maria Margiyeva

A world class performer: aerialist, contortionist, hula hoop performer and dancer. One of the most flexible women in planet. At 17 years old, she was recognized as a Master of Sports by the Ukraine government.She has performed on the stages of different continents: Europe, Asia, North and South America. Also in cruise ship entertainment, dinner shows, festivals, private and corporate events.