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Join Barney and friends on a stupendous around the world adventure in BARNEY LIVE! WORLD TOUR. Riff has sent Barney a special package in the mail – a beautiful globe of the world! Barney, B.J. and Baby Bop must use the globe and follow the clues to find Riff and a list of very special items!As Barney and his friends travel to France, Japan, India, China and Mexico, they have a terrific time learning about language and culture in each new country. This new production will have audiences singing and dancing along to everyone’s favourite Barney songs.

Amanda Ebersohn

Our female magician will add fun and excitement to any event with children. She will perform a 45 minute show, filled with plenty of interactive, comedic magic - including the classic, conjuring a LIVE RABBIT. Additionally this magician is skilled in the art of balloon shaping.

Anton Berezin

1H30 MIN including 20 min interval Act 1 - 35 minAct 2 - 30 minDoors should open 20 min prior to the advertised start time


This magician is one of the smallest in the world (with a height of 105 cm) but at the same time highly talented. Children love him! Available for his magic show for children

Christina Blanoeuil

A circus party organised by our children's entertainers that are all about fun fun fun.

Christina Blanoeuil

A 20 to 30 min Bubble Action Show. Small Bubbles, big bubbles, huge bubbles... the bubble artist can even put a child inside a bubble. Ideal for children parties.


Based on the multi-award-winning TV show and more mischievous than ever beforeBrainiac Live! will take you on a breathless ride through the wild world of the weird and wonderful. Expect exploding dustbins, combusting microwaves and loads of live daredevil stunts!Watch from the safety of your seat as the Brainiacs delve fearlessly into the mysteries of science and do all of those things on stage that you’re too scared to do at home!

Daiana Zemskova

A captivating bubble show for children or adults.

Diana Musiiashenko

Do you want to know how these animals lived, in what language did they speak? Each viewer has a chance to learn all the details from the life of dinosaurs and perform a very difficult mission - to save the mysterious island of dinosaurs from a fiery volcano. Do not be afraid, because on the show everyone has a unique multifunctional bracelet that will help manage the elements and move through time.

Diana Musiiashenko

New, one of a kind show!Soap bubbles tricks, magic tricks, experiments and lightning show with Tesla coils and iron cage! No one show in the world has ever been so entertaining and edutaining! We will tell and try with our viewers what the force of gravity, levitation, a flame is, we will teach to tame all the known natural elements: fire, water, cold, and even lightning. You will plunge into the world of real magic! Drive and extravaganza await you


The action takes place in the Kingdom of Sweets. In this show you will see bright colorful costumes, professional acting, funny dance, an interactive act with a Big Pink Hippopotamus,3 magic and illusion tricks, professional circus acts: equilibr act, Hula-hoops.The end of the show will be very brightly - colorful confetti!


The grand show impresses with the scale of the costumes and their original design.Professional stilt walkers skillfully entertain guests with their dance moves.


The only musical group in which dinosaurs sing and play musical instruments. Dinosaurs sing and play live exclusively and they communicate with the audience during all performance with pleasure.