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Abbigail Laird

A roaming singer paired with a unique percussion player. A versatile performance that can be adapted to various different venues or atmospheres. Good for beach bars, clubs, restaurants, private events, lounges & brunches.

Alex Vorobev

This jazz band can create a laid-back lounge atmosphere for quieter events, a swinging jazz sound for more upbeat events and an all out party sound if you want people to dance.

Alex Vorobev

Mixing cultures from East and West.

Alex Vorobev

Trio or 4 Piece Jazz band in Dubai

Alexandre Varakraine

A traditional French musical Band available as a trio or quintet with a French Vocalist

Anita Williams

A jazz singer with great personality and her band composed of highly experienced musicians. No doubt they will set the right jazzy mood for your next event.

Chris Degenis

The New Generation High Tech Band, completely wireless1

Dave Holland

Souled Out Band has a huge repertoire performing classic soul and music from the 50's through to present days.

Dean Pratt

The Only orchestra in the UAE!



The only musical group in which dinosaurs sing and play musical instruments. Dinosaurs sing and play live exclusively and they communicate with the audience during all performance with pleasure.

Eddy Arias Farias