Hani Jahel


A traditional Arabic singer & oud player who has performed on TV and with several famous Syrian groups.

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  • D Up to 2x45mins

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Our superb Arabic Singer and Oud Player was raised in Aleppo, Syria. Since then he has worked alongside many folk music groups in Aleppo, studied Oud playing and singing under the renowned Abdel-Qader Haggar and Mustafa Darwish, before graduating the Aleppo Institute. Moving on from there, he worked with a number of Arabic orchestras, performed with famed musicians on TV shows, before he went on to further his Oud playing skills at the High Institute of Music in Damascus and win a number of awards in festivals across the region. 

Since then, he has gone on to perform all around in the Middle East, playing in some of the most famous music locations in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, London and is now available in the UAE.

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Technical requirements

- 2 speakers with digital mixer - DI box for his instrument - Microphone with stand for vocals (SM58 or equivalent) - High chair or stool