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Adeel Saeed

Digital or Traditional Caricaturist

Alvaro Fernández


Amanda Ebersohn

Our female magician will add fun and excitement to any event with children. She will perform a 45 minute show, filled with plenty of interactive, comedic magic - including the classic, conjuring a LIVE RABBIT. Additionally this magician is skilled in the art of balloon shaping.


This magician is one of the smallest in the world (with a height of 105 cm) but at the same time highly talented. Children love him! Available for his magic show for children

Christina Blanoeuil

A 20 to 30 min Bubble Action Show. Small Bubbles, big bubbles, huge bubbles... the bubble artist can even put a child inside a bubble. Ideal for children parties.

Claudia Mesyasz

Experience Contortionist who can also perform different type of aerial shows.

Daiana Zemskova

A captivating bubble show for children or adults.

Djordje Lazovic


Djordje Lazovic

A roaming mime artist that will captivate the imagination of children and adults.

Dmitri Antonov

Flair Bartending show may be a wonderful addition to an entertainment part of a particular corporate event or can simply add an atmosphere of celebration to a specific cocktail party. What is Flair Bartending? A practice of bartenders for entertaining guests, clientele or audiences with the manipulation of bar tools e.g. Cocktail shakers and liquor bottles in tricky, dazzling ways. Used occasionally in cocktail bars, the action requires skills commonly associated with jugglers. WHAT IS BARMAN SHOW ​ A carefully orchestrated musical act of an original genre consisting of complicated flair tricks with a mix of two to five shakers and bottles flying in the air simultaneously will keep your guests amazed and entertained. An addition of a fire element show when possible is also available. The show ends with a preparation of several signature cocktails.

Erica Vicenzi

The angels of the night dressed all in white carry with them moons that float across the sky. It is a parade on stilts with illuminated costumes and floating moons, evoked from large balloons, even these illuminated, reaching 4 meters high, accompanying the performers during their exhibition.