Chinese Contortionist

Liu Xin


A highly skilled contortionist, originally from China and now based in Europe.

List of packages

  • D Show Contortion & Acrobatic with Fix mouth-stick and Carpet (7 min)

  • D Show Contortion & Acrobatic with Turn mouth-stick (7 min)

  • D Show Contortion & Acrobatic with Candlesticks (5 min).

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Born in TianJin, China, from an early age our contortionist showed a passion and flair for artistic gymnastics. She spent hours training in primary school, which led her to be chosen for the Academy of Gymnastics and Sports and afforded the opportunity to be taught by the best trainers in the country. Since 1999 she opted to dedicate her training to the Acrobatic Gymnastics and more specifically Contortionism. To heighten her existing talents she joined an acrobatic company, where she worked for 7 years with the most famous artists in one of the most popular schools in the world. Thus, she has emerged as an experienced professional, with experience performing in China, Spain, Germany and Japan. 

In 2006 she made the move to Belgium to pursue a solo career. Since then she has amassed many career highlights:

TV Show: “Signé Taloche” – (Belgium) 2007

TV Show: “G Piger” – (Belgium) 2007

TV Show: “La France a un incroyable talent” – (France) 2008

Season: “Circus Pinder” – (France) 2009

Season: “Festival D’Avignone” – (France) 2010

Season: “Christmas Circus Christiane Bouglione” – (France) 2011

Season: “Magma s.a.s. Show Events, MSC Cruise” – (Italy) 2012-2014

Gala Show: “Waterdreams” Corpus Acrobatics – Amsterdam (Netherlands) 2014

Incroyable cabaret d’Alexis Hazard – Lille (France) 2015

Incroyable cabaret d’Alexis Hazard – Albert (France) 2015

10 years anniversary of Canon EOS 5D – Bruxelles (Belgium) 2015

Gala Show: “Stephex Masters” - Bruxelles (Belgium) 2015

Gala Show: “Merite Sportive 2015” - Compagnie Newa Etterbeek (Belgium) 2015

Season: “Dream Production” – Trocadéro Liège (Belgium) 2015/16

Gala Show: “YKK GmbH” - Evolution Media Weimar (Germany) 2015

Incroyable cabaret d’Alexis Hazard – Albert (France) 2015

Burlesque Show “Taboo” – Barcelona (Spain) 2015

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