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Immersive virtual reality live painting using VR headset and screen.

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Virtual Reality Live Painting

Do you have agreat fondness for arts? Or you always love to see paintings? What if, we put paintings into a higher level of entertainment?

From colors to patterns to details and to different strokes, virtual reality live painting will put you into great amazement and non-stop creative surprises. If you wish for a new and unique type of entertainment, speed painting will give you all the exciting and energetic viewing pleasure.

Now is the perfect time for you to totally get entertained! At the same time, fulfil your love for art. There is no way for you not to get magnetized as the colors start to dance and create a beautiful masterpiece.

Amazingly Entertaining

Our excellent Virtual Reality speed painter will introduce you to a world of combination and engaging linesmaking you get hooked to an artistic imagination and appealing reality. You can extremely experience all these never-before creative entertainments through the amazing 3D art with live painting entertainment.

Combining Art and Technology

 Witness state-of-the-art entertainment, combined with innovative technology and virtual reality to create a great live painting show. By using the artist’s VR Vive headset, this speed painter will artistically create a high quality and entertaining 3D art.

,Your eyes will be hooked into the screen following the progress where you will be fascinating 3D art pieces such as animals, beaches, skylines and other amazing subjects.

Endless Creative Possibilities

When you watchlive 3D painting, you will be able to witness how the artist uses the space as a place for virtual reality, the entire room as a substitute for canvas, thecreative imagination as the color palette and the skills and talents as a source of limitless entertainment.

Your Access to Art and Technology

If you wanted to watch a cutting edge Virtual 3D Live Painting, you have to see this artist.She is popularly known to be a versatile artist who is a speed painter, expat artist, and performer and is based now in Dubai.

Through her motions and artistic sensibility, she was able to successfully express each ofher art pieces into something engaging. Dubai serves to be a perfect canvass for her live 3D painting and other creative acts.

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Technical requirements

- Four electric 220v connections for: 2 for computer and headset (at the back of the stage), 2 for the cameras sensors on each side of the stage. - wifi Internet connection. - HDMI cable to connect client screen system to my computer. The headset cable is 5 meters long and the stands for the cameras sensors are adjustable from 2m to 4,50m and need to be placed on the stage sides. - Minimum stage size 2x3m.

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