Broadway and Gatsby Dancers

Catalina Gomez


Choose from a range classic dances, from a by-gone era.

List of packages

  • C 3 Dancers (2 x 10mins)

  • B 6 Dancers (2 x 10mins)

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From a talented group of dancers we offer a variety of the classic dances from the early 20th Century. 


Probably one of the hottest and most popular dances of all time. Reflecting joy and creativity of this genre originating in Charleston South Carolina, the kicks, cheerful movements, friendly accessories and movements make this dance a non-stop collection of attractive, playful and mischievous expressions.

Jazz Cabaret:

Who can forget Liza Minnelli in Cabaret or the stunning depiction of 20′s clubland in prohibition era Chicago? Broadway hit musicals choreography performed for you showing the hectic pace of the cool and sexy jazz age makes the perfect combination of elegance and sensuality.


This genre brings vitality, catchy music and joyful movements to amuse any guest. It has has captivated thousands of people around the world. With Its dynamic style, spectacular moves and fun atmosphere, this dance reflects the spontaneity of the dancers full of talent and joy with explosive and playful movements that will transport you to the early twentieth century. 

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