Classical Pianist

Aleksandra Krstic


An elegant and talented artist

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  • D Up to 3x45min performance (Piano/Keyboard not included)

  • D Up to 3x45min performance (Keyboard Included)

  • D Up to 3x45min performance (Piano/Keyboard not included)

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This artist has been involved with music since an early age. Starting out as the child prodigy having a perfect pitch, she debuted at the music school at the age of 5 taking piano and voice lessons and winning several awards for her classical musical talent achievements.At the age of 13, she stepped into the world of popular music and modeling. In her early teens, as one of the youngest students, she joined the Faculty of Music. As her career evolved, she also involved herself with Sound Engineering and Film music composing. After achieving a Masters of Music Degree and excelled as one of the best students and specializing at the Post -Graduate Program in Chamber music, she enrolled for the PhD program in Digital Arts.To add further to her credits, she has performed as a classical, jazz, funk, soul and pop musician all over Europe and UAE. In addition to being a performer with live act projects and DJ’s touring all over the Balkan region, on several occasions she has been invited into the studio and worked as a recording artist with several jazz and electronic music bands. She is also a talented composer and songwriter. Some of the music she has written was published for MTV Adria. She has also written music for several films and advertisements.After moving to Dubai in 2012, she worked for two years as a music professor at a local music school.Now in 2014, while pursuing her passion and taking her career to a different level, she lives and works in Dubai as a Freelance musician, songwriter, studio artist, composer and a model working in 5 star hotel residencies, corporate events, product launches, weddings and fashion shows.Her client list includes 5 star hotels such as Ritz Carlton, Kempinsky, Conrad, Sofitel, Armani...just to name a few.

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